The SISTEMA ROIPE® is the name given to the system assembly of wooden logs by internal fasteners to build a variety of structures for both outdoor and indoor gardening, which can fit to any available area.

The system was born from the need to implement solutions in the design of gardens, which require no external elements to their structure, such as profiles, iron plates and hardware for anchors and supports.

By SISTEMA ROIPE® you can bind successive rows of logs specially treated for outdoor use. You can then build very solid walls, which in turn can form cubic structures.


STRENGTH: provides a final homogeneous and compact construction.

STABILITY: the woodblocks remain firmly attached, preventing lateral displacements.

INVISIBILITY: all connecting elements are internally located.

ADAPTABILITY: Allows free custom designs, according to the available space and fully adapted to the environment.

SECURITY: avoids the potential danger caused by external construction fasteners, such as iron nails at the ground level.

VERSATILITY: The structure can be extended.

EASY INSTALLATION: rapid placement without the need of any ground digging (previously levelled).

ADDED VALUE: With a great decorative component.


We are very careful about the source of our raw materials, that is why we select our suppliers to guarantee FSC-labelled wood. This tag clearly identifies the origin of a product, ensuring quality and good management practices that has taken place during the production process. Currently the FSClogo is the most reliable guarantee that the management of forest holdings and their transformation have been conducted fairly,in accordance with sustainability criteria and environmentally friendly.

Wood has always been and is mostly one of the favourite materials for the manufacture of swimming pools, since wood is a living natural material, ecological and sustainable. Moreover, wood is considered as "noble" and adaptable and nowadays it is one of the most commercialized materials for swimming pools, offering not only a particular and sophisticated taste to the pool body but it also enhances the aesthetics of the garden and landscaping.

The wood is an ideal material for building, providing a solid and a long-term lifespan.

Recyclable: its use and disposal are environmentally beneficial.

Biodegradable (natural and ecological).

It's healthy (air purifier), pleasant to touch and aesthetic. It allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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