1.Can I directly install the pool on the garden soil?

To add a large inground pool, whatever kind it is, you need to have a concrete slab leveled.

2.What ways can it be placed?

It can be placed on the ground fully elevated or semi-buried.

3.Does the wooden pool can be buried completely?

Yes, it is technically possible but, it’s not recommended given its highly decorative component would be lost.

4.Can I install a swimming pool on a terrace?

Yes, if it is a terrace of newly constructed and an available technical features of the architect and / or builder.

5.In the garage I have a sauna, I can install a wooden pool?

Yes, if the enclosure is prepared to have enough moisture and ceiling height to access the pool without damage.

6.Does it takes a long time to install?

The installation is quick, all depends on the extent of the pool can be assembled from between 3/5 days.

7.Can I dismount the pool?

It can be removed when you don’t want to use it, either by moving or enlarge. We don’t recommend to do it in winter for reassemble it in summer.

8.Can we use it in winter?

We can incorporate a heat pump to keep the water temperature above 30 ° C, other wood is an element that helps maintain good water temperature, allowing to extend the swimming season.

9.Should I drain the pool in winter?

It is not necessary, to protect the surface of the water you can place a tarp tailored and attached to the walls of the pool.

10.Should I get planning permission to install a swimming pool of wood?

Actually is not necessary (in Spain), since for installation is not required to perform work or excavation. Only must have a good level as if it were a pavement surface.

11.Should I make a connection to the water supply?

It’s not necessary, because it works as a closed circuit. Only requires a hose to fill it.

12.Should I connect it to the drain?

It’snot necessary, because if that is done, by emptying you can select the valve cleaning operation sand filter.

13.My children have atopic skin, can you incorporate a cleansing alternative to chlorine?

Chlorine removes organic material on the water, the tablets that dissolve directly are more aggressive. Today the equipment dissociate chlorine salt used. There is also a purification system using ultraviolet light. All these items can be incorporated into these pools.

14.Can I find these pools in a store or superstore?

Not now, we make them according to your needs, which allows a full adaptation of pool space you have.

15.Can I make myself mounting the pool?

To ensure the end result, we assemble it, however if you want you can take part in the assembly process.

16.We have a garden without direct access to the street, we can install a swimming pool?

Yes, you can enter by the interior of the house because it’s totally disassembled.

17.I have a house in a protected environment ,I can put a pool like this?

Yes, because they are removable and and they don’t need to perform excavation work to install it. However we recommend consulting the ordinances on your municipality.

18.What guarantee do you have?

The structure is guaranteed for 10 years provided that the maintenance of wood are made. Every two years must apply a protective layer of ultraviolet rays.The liner has a three-year declining warranty does not include damage caused by improper usage or for making punctures. The machinery has manufacturer's warranty, in this case, Astralpool ensures proper functioning of the machines (pump, filter and control box).

19.How do I know the cost of a swimming pool?

You can send either an email or by completing the contact form, with your details along with the size of the pool you want (length, width and height) and send your budget .

20.I am interested, how I can instruct the pool?

Then we send the acceptance form of the budget, a first payment of 50% is done and begin manufacturing. When the pool is finished at the workshop, we will send an email to agree on the day of transport, when the second payment is made. When the pool is mounted, filled with water and running the payment of transport is performed along with the price of the assembly. There is a permanent contact with the customer throughout the manufacturing process.

21.What's delivery from time of order untill I get the pool?

From 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the time the order is made. It is better to entrust the pool in winter so that it can enjoy the arrival of warm weather.

22.Can I have the machinery pool in a space in the garage?

Yes, you only need make ditches in the floor to accommodate incoming and outgoing pipes.

23.How these pools work?

Water is drawn into the skimmer and suction nozzles, flows through pipes that are housed inside the wooden walls up to the pump that pushes the water to the filter where the impurities are retained in suspension. The water returns to the pool for other pipelines to the inlets that are countersunk on the opposite side of the vessel.

24.Can you build a swimming pool with built-in wooden structure inside stairs?

Yes, can be manufactured with interior wooden stairs to access the inside of the pool, in this case the liner is placed "in situ" lining throughout the interior. You can also do exterior stairs to access the input level to the water and make a terrace on one or two sides of the pool.

25.Is the wood treated?

The wood is impregnated (insecticide and fungicide) in an autoclave using the Bethell process (vacuum-pressure) by applying a timber risk protector type 4.

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