Elevated pools with square and rectangular shapes, grades of 90 °, made with SISTEMA ROIPE® system, presented at the International Swimming Hall of Barcelona 2007. Quick to install, with no garden spoilage, it doesn’t need to excavate the land, which do not require a building license and ready for use. A high value ornamental element is fully integrated into the environment. They are constructed on request and following the customer instructions.


SITE PREPARATION With a concrete level slab and a looser size pool that you want to place. In the half-sunken hearth placement should be prepared at a lower level.


PLACEMENT OF THE POOL WALLS Row by row the wooden walls are consolidated with dithering threaded rods. If required we can foresee lateral extensions to hold the platform perimeter.


INSERTING THE SKIMMER Fully integrated into the wooden wall, is the element responsible for collecting and filtering dirt and channeling water into the sand filter.


INSERTING THE DRIVERS The first returns the clean water leaving the sand filter to the pool. The seconds absorbs water into the filter.


WATERPROOFING KIT: LINER In this example the liner is installed in situ by welding with hot air. There are different colors and designs to choose.


THE POOL IS READY TO BE FILLED WITH WATER With or without drain. In the latter case the pool is emptied by the corresponding function of the sand filter valve. If you want to drain it, you should have it down in time for the concrete slab.


Our path in the gardening field started in 1989. As we realized that our customers valued the use of wood for the design of their gardens, we created a system for assembling logs which is not visible from the outside, and provides stability and strength. We designed a structure that could serve as a soil contained and does not require external elements.

The emergence in the market of new types of wood has allowed us to innovate in new applications which our system permits and thus continue to offer the best products to our customers.


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